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Summer is here!


Let us all enjoy this wonderful sunshine and warm summer time! During summer we only meet for Sunday Service once a month - check the dates on this page and write them down. Welcome to join us! We are now finally back to having church coffee after every service. <3 

For updated info on our events and services your are Welcome to joing our fellowship on Facebook. Here is a link to our group, Lutheran International Church in Vaasa.Linkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä  

If you have questions, need someone to talk to our just looking for someone to grab lunch with you are welcome to be in contact with me. I love to listen, chat and eat! :) 

Immigrant Worker Jessica Emaus, jessica.emaus@evl.fi, +35844 4808 280
(on vacation 20.6-10.7 and 1-14.8.2022)

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Ruska Trip - Lapland 2022

pe 30.9. kello 08.00

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Ruska Trip

Welcome to our weekend trip to Lapland!

During this weekend we get to see glimpses of Lapland during the ruska season. We take the bus to Lapiosalmi Wilderness Center, with a stop at Ranua Zoo. On Saturday we visit Pentik factory shop and take an evening walk at a local canyon in the afternoon. On Sunday we will take the bus up to Rovaniemi and Santa Claus Village, wherefrom we will drive back home. In between all of this we hope to get to know each other, just take it easy and enjoy the beautiful nature.

The trip is arranged by the Lutheran church in Vaasa. It is a drug and alcohol-free trip and there will also be short devotions / prayers as part of the program.

If you have any questions, please be in contact with jessica.emaus@evl.fi.

Looking forward to a great trip together with you!

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