Palosaari Church

Kapteeninkatu 14–16, 65200 Vaasa

Sunday Service Sundays at 1 pm

Palosaari Church

This is where you will find us for our weekly worship services.  Right next to the church, in the same block, is a church building we use for Sunday School.  Inside the church there is an upstairs fellowship hall, an important gathering point where we enjoy each other's company over coffee after each Sunday Service.  This hall is also the site of our weekly Bible Study (see the Activities page), and can then be accessed using the external side entrance that leads upstairs.

Palosaari Church is one of several places of worship run by the Vaasa Evangelical Lutheran Church Vaasa.  Of these, please note "Vaasan kirkko," (lit. Church of Vaasa) or Church of the Holy Trinity, where we occasionally hold special services.  

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