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Winter Cold


Remember to stay warm in this wonderful winter weather of ours! It may be cold, but we promise it is nice and warm inside our buildings. For the moment we are meeting in chuch (10 persons allowed) and Online for our Sunday Services. Please, still wear a face mask coming to church and keep enough distance to each other. If possible, sign up to me if you would like to come to church. Welcome to join us!

The COVID-situation can change from one day to another, so please stay tuned. For updated info on our events and services your are Welcome to joing our fellowship on Facebook. Here is a link to our group, Lutheran International Church in Vaasa.Linkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä  

We also have a Channel on Yotube. Here is a link to our Youtube channel Lutheran International Church in VaasaLinkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä.

If you have questions, need someone to talk to our just looking for someone to grab lunch with you are welcome to be in contact with me. I love to listen, chat and eat! :) 

Immigrant Worker Jessica Emaus, jessica.emaus@evl.fi, +35844 4808 280


Talvinen Maisema, Auringonlasku, Iltahämärä, Talvi