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Welcome to volunteer in the Lutheran Church in Vaasa!  

The Lutheran parishes (Swedish and Finnish) offer you many opportunities to participate in voluntary work and get to know new people.  

What is voluntary work?  

Voluntary work is an activity done for the benefit of people and communities. A volunteer works according to his own choice and motivation. Voluntary work is not paid.

As a volunteer, you can participate with the knowledge and skills of an ordinary person. You don't need special professional training or expertise. You can use your own strengths, and you can also learn something new. You can participate regularly or occasionally, just as it suits you. There are many kinds of different tasks!

Why volunteer?  

As a volunteer you are a part of the parish community. You get to meet new people, work together with colleagues, help, and bring joy to others as well.

As a volunteer you 

  • get to know Finnish people and culture 
  • meet different people, can make new friends and get new experiences 
  • can improve your Finnish or Swedish language skills
  • can help other people
  • can learn new things and skills that will be useful also elsewhere in your life
  • can learn important skills for working life as well

What can I do? 

The parish offers a variety of volunteer tasks. You will receive guidance for all tasks. Usually an employee or other volunteers are also involved.

You can, for example 

  • help with different kitchen tasks
  • help with sales tasks or charity collections
  • offer social support to the lonely
  • sing in a choir
  • play or sing in church services or other events
  • read Bible texts or prayers or collect offering in the church services
  • help to arrange program or activities at events
  • act as an assistant on short excursions
  • take photos
  • sort donated clothes

You can also suggest what you would like to do!


How can I join?

Contact us, and we'll find a voluntary task that suits you!

You will have an orientation to your task. You can participate in tasks regularly or occasionally, according to your own interest, life situation and calendar. You can also come and see the tasks before you make a decision.


On 5ht-7th of July 2024, a large Christian event, Herättäjäjuhlat, will be organized in Vaasa. Before, during and after the event many volunteers are needed for various tasks. Possible tasks include, for example, the construction and deconstruction of the event area, cleaning tasks, restaurant functions, traffic control and many other important tasks.

Read more about Herättäjäjuhlat's volunteer tasks on Herättäjäjuhlat's website (in Finnish)

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Job shadow - Getting familiar with the work tasks of church employees

Would you like to get to know the various tasks of church employees?

"Job shadow" is when you follow the employee in his or her work tasks for a few days. You can make observations, ask questions about the work and participate in small tasks together with the employee. At the same time, you get to know the Finnish work culture and see what kind of Finnish or Swedish language skills are needed in different positions.

At the end of the Job shadow days, a feedback form is filled out. You will also receive a certificate of participation, which you can use in your job search.

Contact us if you are interested!


BRIDGE - Unionbridge of employment in Ostrobothnia 


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Vaasa is involved in carrying out the employment project BRIDGE, in which the city of Vaasa acts as the main implementor.

The goal of the Lutheran church's sub-project is to make it easier for people with foreign backgrounds to learn the culture, find work and study in Finland.

This is achieved by supporting immigrants' practical learning of Finnish or Swedish and getting to know the Finnish work culture. 

We offer immigrants various volunteer tasks in our parishes. We also offer the opportunity to get to know different professions in the congregation by Job shadowing, which means following a staff member in his or her work task for a few days.

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