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Sunday Services


OBSERVE! We can not gather for Sunday service in church now because of the coronavirus COVID-19. In stead we are livestreaming our services in our Facebook group "Lutheran church in Vaasa". 

Here you can read about the instructions we follow, as an effort to prevent the virus from spreading. (updated 4.4.2020)

Sunday Services are otherwise held on Sundays at 1 pm in Palosaari Church.  Currently this is the only traditional-style (liturgical) weekly English-language Church Service in Vaasa.  The coffee time upstairs after the service is a great way to make friends. 

Aside from the brief list on our home page, our Facebook group will usually have more information about upcoming services, with announcements of Service details usually posted during the week leading up to the Service.  This can include information about what to expect in the Service, as well as any unusual arrangements, where the service gets moved to a different location.)


Sunday School

OBSERVE! Sunday School is cancelled for now, due to the coronavirus! 

At the back of our church you can find a Kids Corner with books, toys and a small altar. Parents can sit there with the kids and still be a part of the Sunday Service. Significant Sundays we also have Johanna Mittilä leading Sunday School at the Kids' Corner. These are the Sundays Johanna will be present:

Spring 2020

5.4 Why the cross, a movie

3.5 Mothers' Day present, making craft 


Kids Club - in English

OBSERVE! Kids Club is cancelled for now, due to the coronavirus! 

The kids gather Wednesdays, 17.00 - 18.30 in Palosaari seurakuntatalo (Kapteeninkatu 14-16).

  • for kids 7-12 years old
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Learning and practising English
  • Bible stories
  • New friends
  • Juice & biscuits
Leader: Johanna Mittilä
If your kids would be interested in joining our club, please be in contact with Immigrant Worker Jessica Emaus, jessica.emaus@evl.fi or +358044 4808 280 to see if there are available places.

Arabic Service

The Arabic Service is cancelled due to COVID-19!

Worship services in Arabic are held in Ristinummi Chapel (Kappelinmäentie 8) every Sunday at 3 p.m. At summertime services are held in Huutoniemi Church. These services are organized by the Sudanese community in Vaasa but everybody is welcome to join in the worship. 

Church Picture from outside
Kids sitting on the floor, listening to a Bible story.

Bible Study

OBSERVE! Bible Study is cancelled for now, due to the coronavirus! 

A Bible Study group gather every second Wednesday in our homes. We have evening tea together, read the Bible and discuss whatever that comes to our mind. If you are interested in joining or have any questions about the group you can be in contact with Immigrant Worker Jessica Emaus, jessica.emaus@evl.fi or +35844 4808 280

Baptism Classes

Baptism Classes are available upon request—if you are thinking of getting baptised, or just want to learn about our faith, our staff are happy to arrange classes to go through the basic beliefs of our church!

Special Events

OBSERVE! All special events are cancelled for now, due to the coronavirus! 

For information about special events, like the Sauna Evening and Christmas Party, or upcoming camps and trips, please visit our Facebook page!