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For general information about life in Vaasa, events, service and education, log on to the city's Web page


Here you can find information and guidance about the Finnish society in general and specifically about Vaasa. The Welcome Office is easy accessed in the library downtown at Kirjastokatu 13, Vaasa. 

Link to the Welcome Offices' websiteLinkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä



Adult welfare social services, child and family social work, social work for seniors, disability services, crisis services, and more.

Child and family social work may become necessary when problems arise in family situations. A family may contact a social worker to discuss their circumstances on their own initiative. A relation or someone else who is worried about a child’s wellbeing may also contact a social worker by making a notification/contact or a child welfare notification to social welfare services. Child and family social work provides help to the whole family with the child’s best interests at the core.

Link to main page for Social Services

Link to Child and Family Social Services


Vaasa central hospital is our local hospital. The address to the hospital is Hietalahdenkatu 2-4
65130 Vaasa. 

Link to the hospital's website

Link to the telephone nursing service.


The central police station is situated at Korsholmanpuistikko 45, 65100 Vasa. 

Linkt to the Ostrobothnia Police Department

OBS! In emergencies, always dial 112.



Vaasan Setlementti wants to facilitate people´s daily life and reduce loneliness. We offer people living in the Vaasa region the opportinity to meet other people in our clubs and through different events.

Vaasan Setlementti is also a service provider. We prepare lunches and offer housing services. We help people find work try-outs and wage subsidy work places. We take care of the front-veterans in Vaasa.

Vaasan Setlementti is a nonprofit civic organization. We act resbonsibly and we do good. We are religiously and politically independent.

Link to Vaasan Setlementti